Rules for Usage of the Ferenc Toldy Library

Borrowers must register and possess a valid library card.

Our library is only open to research, and not for public use.

The Ferenc Toldy Library has language books, handbooks, dicitionaries and encyclopedias in German and English as well. These books may be found in the catalogue or reading room.

While books may not be borrowed from the library, after a student card has been left as a deposit journals, books or notes can leave the library premises for one of two hours for the purpose of copying or classroom use. Theses should not be copied.

The library's computers, Internet services and WiFi are available for use.

When using the library, please leave your library card with the librarian. A key to a hallway locker will be given to you. Coats and other personal belongings must be placed in the locker. Upon leaving the library, the librarian will give your library card back once the locker key has been returned.